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Welcome dear visitor.
The family tree grows, this site too. I can use all suggestions, so send me an e-mail with remarks and information.
The only topic is the family tr
ee of the Moormann - Mohrmann - Moorman family, who has his roots in Mettingen (Westfalen, Germany).
De family tree is presented in different ways, look on the page
genealogy (stamboom).
Pictures can be found on the page
pictures (foto’s).
On the page
things to know (wetenswaardigheden) some background information can be found (in Dutch only, e-mail me if you want a translation).

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On November 2, 2017 was born in Duncraig, Western Australia, Nicholas Luca Moormann. He is the son of Wouter Klaas and Erini Moormann of the Twente branch (VIb).